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Health and Safety

The safety of your child is paramount here, as such I have completed a full risk assessment of my home, and have outlined some of my policies below

I will always follow the most recent hygiene regulations and safeguarding guidelines

I have put in place procedures for what I will do in the event of a fire, illness, or accident

Any sleeping children will be regularly monitored to ensure their safety

As part of my risk assessment, I have ensured my home is suitable for caring for your child, this includes:

  • Having working smoke alarms
  • Having any glass cupboard doors covered
  • Covering unused plug sockets
  • Using a fire guard on the fireplace at all times
  • Checking that the water is the correct temperature and adjusting if necessary

I will also make sure that my house is always clean:

  • Bedding and sheets will be regularly washed
  • High chairs will always be cleaned and use the correct harnesses
  • Push chairs will also use the correct harnesses
  • The kitchen and bathroom will always be clean and regularly mopped
  • Hygiene regulations are always followed in the preparation of food
  • I will ensure that children never come into contact with rubbish
    • Rubbish and recycling will always be immediately placed in the correct bin
  • Following hygiene guidelines, I will wear gloves whilst changing nappies
  • Each child will have their own towel, which will be regularly washed

Garden gates are always locked, either with a high up bolt or latch, or with a secure lock
Tool shed doors will also have locks on, and children will not be allowed inside

I will apply sun cream to children when it is provided by parents
Children will also always wear sun hats when brought

While in and away from the home, I will always keep emergency contact details with me, should they be needed
I will teach children about safety issues while walking though the village, such as crossing the road safely

If travelling in the car, I will ensure that all children are using an appropriately aged car seat, which will be securely fitted
I will have child safety locks on all car doors
My car will be regularly serviced and will always have an up to date MOT certificate
I will always have a valid car tax certificate and have valid business insurance

Toys will be regularly checked for wear and tear and kept clean
Children will not play with toys above their age specification
Children will always be supervised during play

The dog will never be left alone with children
The dog food bowls will never be left out, except for their water bowl
The cat and dog will always be treated for fleas, ticks and worms; this will be done on a regular basis to make sure that they are always safe

For more information on my policies, please email for a full copy

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